Access Control System Installation


Access Control is one of the key and major aspects of security management processes that can’t be ignored at any cost. Physical security and information security that includes data security are becoming more significant by the day as the modern day threats and challenges are even more sophisticated. In order to counter such challenges, a thoroughly planned comprehensive Access Control system is very crucial for any business. Depending on the scale of operations and the sensitivity of information transmitted on a daily basis, an appropriate access control system has to be adopted. One of the major areas in this regard is the ‘Physical Access Control’ which determines the credentials of a person and checks for his or her authenticity. This can be done by predefined parameters that will ultimately set the norms for authorization of a person which would indirectly mean that no unauthorized entry can take place with-in the stipulated systems and processes clearly defined by the physical access control system. Credentialing process is one of the best known and time tested methods that are used in this regard. A person is identified and tracked based on the credentials provided to him or her which can be modified and even denied based on the security assessment. This is one of the secure ways of dealing with physical security concerns.

  • All the access control systems and mechanisms are now driven by electronic devises and computerized programs. They provide a clear and credible alternative to mechanical locks that are not completely reliable.
  • The user entry and authentication process is redefined by the LED based access systems and processes. This can be implemented at all the major access points. The access given to the user may be based on the entry serial number or the pass code which further processed at the central system monitored control panel.
  • The modern processes are also being designed based on the biometric assessment which is more accurate than the credential based access control. This involves a person’s physical impressions that are completely unique.
  • Once the system feeds in the information of an authentic entry, there is no way an unauthorized entry can take place under normal circumstances.

CompuGeeks have the necessary expertise in handling all the essential components of the physical security system based on the key access control parameters. The systems we use and recommend are completely modernized and have the ability to restrict all the unauthorized elements along with providing comprehensive support to the management team. Talk to us about your security and access control requirements, we will come out with plausible recommendations based on our thorough assessment of your facility.