Installation and Technical Support

Medical Director Bluechip
HCN's (Health Communications Network) Medical Director is the market leader in clinical software for Australian GP's and medical centres. First introduced over 20 years ago.




Some key benefits of Medical Director in your practice are:

  • Increase your bookings by streamlining your workflows and spending more time with patients.
  • Handle complex invoicing arrangements including prepayments, discounts, multiple accounts, separate service items, patient estimates for informed financial consent, invoice generation and final settlements, with no need for re-keying data.
  • Manage referrals effortlessly and at the touch of a button, with excellent correspondence creation and management tools including fully integrated Microsoft Word and the ability to store images with patient files.
  • Manage data security and banking with password protection to various levels of banking, data access and reporting.
  • Reduce no-shows using automated SMS reminders and alerts.
  • Receive automatic updates for MBS and RMFS delivered directly to your desktop.

CompuGeeks are providing support and installation services for Bluechip.

There are many technicalities which can come into when setting up and using Bluechip in your clinic's network. If the requirements aren't properly met, if backups aren't done reliably and if the software is not set up suitably for your requirements, there will be many issues arise and we are here to prevent that.

Whether you want to migrate from another clinical software package, set up an entirely new clinic or simply get your current system working reliably, we can help.

Services we offer:

  • Installation and setup of Medical Director Bluechip software.
  • Support and maintenance to keep your system up to date, secure, running smoothly and reliably backed up.
  • Installation and setup of add-ons, templates and secure document downloaders.
  • Customisation of appointment books, setup of EFTPOS and Easyclaim.
  • Off-site, secure Cloud Backups, to keep your data safe, automatically.