eHealth & PIP

Want to use PCEHR and Need to qualify for the eHealth PIP?. The eHealth Practice Incentives Program (PIP) is aimed at supporting general practice activities that encourage continuing improvements, quality care, enhance capacity, and improve access and health outcomes for patients.

We can help your centre with meeting of eHealth PIP requirements, and support all eHealth software's.

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Medical Objects

Medical-Objects Secure Messaging System

Medical-Objects secure messaging enables your practice to send letters and download referrals. You can send consult letters directly from your practice software, or from Microsoft Word to other health providers. Medical-Objects have also integrated with the majority of Specialist software vendors so you can receive referrals directly into your practice software.

Key Features

  • No longer will your referrers have to deal with scanning correspondence. All correspondence received will go directly into your practice software.
  • At the click of a button, you can see which results were received or sent via the Medical-Objects Delivery Report.
  • By utilising Medical-Objects Secure Messaging at your practice you can eliminate all costs associated with traditional sending and receiving methods.

Health Link

HealthLink Secure Messaging System

HealthLink is Australia’s largest Secure Messaging Network and is a standards compliant product providing your practice with the capability to both send and receive messages with other Health Care providers. With HealthLink’s HMS 6.6.3 already installed in Australian GP practices, GP sites will meet the requirements set out in the eHealth PIP Incentive Guidelines.

Key Feature

  • Encryption, digital signing, certificate management and message tracking


AllTalk Secure Messaging System

AllTALK is an encrypted, automated messaging service that makes it possible for healthcare providers to communicate securely between themselves or their clients – with minimal staff involvement.

How does it work?

It sends electronic letters directly to any practitioner, specialist or health organisation as soon as it is received, the letter is then automatically inserted in the patient record to which it refers and an acknowledgement appears in the sender’s patient record.

Key Features

  • Encryption, digital signing, certificate management and message tracking
  • Save hundreds of man hours of labour intensive work
  • Send letters direct from Word to anyone in the universal eHealth address book
  • Includes web services options for client management


Argus Secure Messaging System

Argus seamlessly integrates with existing clinical software and speeds up reporting processes, saving time and resources as well as encouraging co-operation between providers.


Healthscope Pathology Result Downloader

eClinic SMSC program enables doctors to automatically download Healthscoope pathology results and integrate and embed those diagnostic results into their clinical software.

Key Features

  • eClinic SMSC fully automates the transfer of pathology result files and reports and summaries from Diagnostic Laboratories, securely and directly to the clinic management software (CMS) of Medical Practitioners.
  • eClinic SMSC may also operate independently of CMS via a built-in viewer.
  • Its easy-to-use interface allows operators to simply set the retrieval schedule for automatic download of results, reports and summaries or for manual download at any time.


Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology Result Downloader

Fetch! is the software that enables referring doctors to download the Douglass Lab pathology results using an existing internet connection

Key Features

  • Encrypted transmissions
  • Confirmed delivery of results
  • Can be started manually and/or schedule


Laverty Pathology Result Downloader

MQLink program enables doctors to automatically download Laverty pathology results and integrate and embed those diagnostic results into their clinical software.

We can configure MQLink to be scheduled to automatically download pathology results at pre-set intervals, or alternatively, you can request an immediate download of pathology results at any time. The downloaded results are stored in a location where your clinical software can access them and import them into it's database where they become accessible to the practitioner.